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The Garden Industry

Here at Somborne Valley Research we specialise in a wide variety of trial areas within horticulture. One of our main focus areas is the Garden Industry, trialling new products, varieties and substrates for the garden centre market and producers.

Substrate Trials

Compost and substrate trialling can incorporate many different types of trial, varying from new product development and new blend trialling to competitor comparisons. These can be assessed in an assortment of ways to meet the requirements of the individual trials (e.g. substrate composition, plant quality, vigour, colouration, yield, flowering etc.).This can give the producer or retailer valuable evidence to be used in marketing, sales campaigns and meetings or to make informed buying decisions.

New Product Trials

When developing a new product or bringing it to market, finding the positive and negative attributes is very useful. New product trials can be individually tailored to the client’s requirements to determine the product’s strengths or weaknesses. In the past, trials have focused on developing products with different compositions and blends, however they can also be used to answer common customer queries such as correct application rates or equipment use.

Germination Rate Trials

Germination trials have a number of aims, including new variety selection, new supplier selection and testing seed batches. These trials help buyers and producers make informed decisions concerning product variety or seed quality. Additionally seed can be grown to flowering after germination to assess the ‘true to type’ nature of a particular variety.

New Variety Selection Trials

These trials help to discover new varieties to bring to market as well as assessing growth habits. There are a number of assessments which can be carried out to evaluate the growth and quality of potential new varieties. More commonly new varieties can be grown to flowering or marketable size to visually assess whether they meet the desired aesthetic specifications.

If you would like any further information regarding our services please feel free to contact us.

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