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Our Facilities

We offer a variety of services and extensive experience in providing a wide range of commercial and scientific trials from growing media to proof of concept trials. We tailor our services closely to every client and with a background in assisting both academic and commercial clients this results in a professional and successful service. 

Field Trial Area

We have a large field trial site near Stockbridge in Hampshire, with pasture and cultivated land. This site can cater for any size of trial and most horticultural/agricultural crops. 

Polytunnel Facilities 

We have recently completed construction of our brand new polytunnel facility at our Hampshire site, with automatic irrigation and fertigation systems. This provides optimal conditions for horticultural/agricultural crop production and can extend the growing season. 

Glasshouse’s Facilities 

We have access to glasshouse facilities for out of season production and research. These can be adjusted to specific environmental conditions and can have supplementary lighting over the winter months. 

Controlled Environment Facilities 

We have access to Controlled Environment Facilities to cater for research of crops requiring more extreme environmental conditions. These can be adjusted to specific environmental conditions and have supplementary lighting.

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